Campaign Mobilization Package

  • Social media campaign precisely targeted to potential supporters in your riding, directing traffic to your Facebook Page or website, and sign up for updates, signs and volunteering, or simply to ID themselves as supporters;
  • Voter identification via interactive SMS messaging to your mobile contacts, combined with IVR (automated polling) to landline and mobile contacts;
  • Get Out The Vote campaign targeting reminders to your identified supported via personalized SMS messaging, including your voter’s poll location upon Advanced Poll opening,  and a subsequent txt with the same information to supporters on election day, where they can respond whether or not they have voted;
  • Comprehensive .csv reporting back to the campaign with updated Supporters, sign requests, email addresses, that can be input into your voter database (i.e. GVote, ECanvasser)

Pricing includes setup fee, cost per contact, and processing of data according to your needs.

Contact us for a customized quote.