Engage Research Services

We can provide you with effective tools to reach more people in less time, whether you are a team identifying supporters for a candidate in an election, a non-profit interested in engaging or or growing your membership, or a business rolling out a new product. 

Our experienced team and cutting-edge technologies will help your team make the most of your data to reach your target audience, hear their concerns, build support, and call them to action.

We take a three-pronged approach that can ID your voters, build support and engage them on issues that matter, and get them out to the polls to vote.

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Identify your voters

Make the most of all your team’s hard work sharing your message with your voters. A key part of a successful campaign strategy is...

Mobilize your campaign

Engage can help you reach and identify more voters through digital campaigns like Virtual  IVR (interactive voice response) polling, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Virtual...
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Get Out The Vote

Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) is a key to getting you elected. It is the vital ground game, and Engage can provide indispensable help to ensure you...

The Engage Promise

We commit to:

  • Consistent and professional service using reliable and effective stakeholder contact technology
  • Prompt delivery of data and analysis in a format you can use right away
  • Compliance with CRTC, FCC, and privacy and electoral laws specific to your jurisdiction

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Social Media

For budding or experienced politicians, social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, provide a powerful way to connect and engage with supporters and voters.

The stricter (and better) regulatory environment in Canada means any political posts on Facebook must be properly authorized before they run. Engage has obtained the necessary authorizations and verifications in place to run political campaigns on behalf of our clients as an agency.

We can  customize a campaign for you with ads reflecting the key campaign messages of the national campaign, and ensure those ads are seen precisely by voters within the riding boundaries.

These ads can gather data by driving traffic to the contact area of your website where you can obtain supporter identification data that will grow your voter base.  They will also build out your brand as the local Green candidate. They are a superb way of providing outreach to your voters. If you can’t reach all of the voters in your riding with a foot canvass, at least you can engage almost all of them online.

Contact us for a free quote or to answer any questions.

Direct Messaging

It’s getting harder and harder to reach potential voters by traditional methods like foot canvassing – and once you find them, how do you keep them engaged?

A key tool for successful campaigns is sending messages directly to people’s phones. We can reach your contacts through either their mobile phones (using SMS text messaging), or landlines (using Interactive Voice Response, or IVR).

Virtual Town Halls

Holding a virtual town hall  is a great way to reach your voters in a realtime event where they can engage with their mobile, a web browser, or via social media. This shows them that you are engaging with them wherever they are. They are able to hear your platform, ask questions and understand your message and interact with you from the comfort of wherever they are.

Virtual Town Halls are also ideal for ridings are rural and very large, making them difficult to foot canvass.

During a Virtual Town Hall, the candidate can call in from the comfort of home or campaign office with a trusted staffer who we can train to follow the process. Our experienced staff will then moderate and host your town hall and ensure questions from your voters community are screened and prioritized. You can include poll questions during the event so that you can take the pulse of the electorate and find out where they stand on the issues.

Please contact us for a free consultation to determine your needs and provide you a quote.

Campaign Mobilization Package

Running a lean campaign? This accessibly priced package can work within your budget to use social media, automated polling and SMS to identify your voters - and get them to the polls.

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About Us

We are a team of professional, experienced data and communications professionals drawing on our extensive history in political organizing, technology, data, and communications. Between us all we have over thirty years of progressive electioneering, technology and communications experience and all of us hold graduate degrees and certificates in business, data analytics, and communications from world-class leading academic institutions.

We take privacy, regulatory and conflict-of-interest concerns very seriously.  We are compliant and conversant with the regulatory environment governing us as a call provider, including the CRTC Registry, Elections Canada and PIPEDA.

Deluxe Campaign Package

Identify and engage your supporters through multiple platforms, including social media, polling, direct messaging, and a Town Hall event

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